Stonewater Home Theater Distributor in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Chopra’s is a top Stonewater Home Theater Distributor in Jaipur. Stonewater is an elegant looking speaker system that provides extended and smooth response With admirable power. It offers exceptionally good bass response owing to copper voice coils. Special care has been taken to enhance durability in order to give the best Output. It is custom-shaped speakers that keep the profile low and pump out big sound. specialized team closely analyse the characteristics of the listening area and then, using that as the basis, decide on aspects such as the exact configuration of the equipment, position of speakers, cabling, acoustic treatment of the environment and various other elements that contribute to a truly rich audio experience. Our customers get to experience the best possible performance for the money spent on audio equipment.

This elegant wall mount is designed for the speakers perfectly comfortable with both indoor and outdoor. Silky smooth highs coupled with a solid Low-Mid performance. These Speakers are suitable for a wide range of applications where high-quality audio is needed in a limited space. Its dual axis mounting brackets allows for much greater flexibility than conventional C-clamps.

The Loudspeaker provides the best in entertainment and music for all type of occasions. Crisp and clean highs seamlessly integrate with a highly detailed midrange and low and low-frequency response to provide a balanced tonal signature with immense character. They simply sound great even in the direct plug and play situations!

Two Way Loudspeakers
Deep and controlled Bass